Dr. Gordon "The Stranded" Bumperpimple (ca. 1791)

Just like our Great-great-grandfathers, the AlpenMusikanten still strongly uphold the long standing tradition of their old custom, 
"Will Polka for Beer", AND,...our somewhat newer slogan, "Take me to my LITER".
Of course, times have changed since 1791, and the AlpenMusikanten have adjusted their old customs to todays 
standards: "Will Polka for Beer...but will settle for a Schnapps, or Wine or a well mixed Vodka Tonic"

Greetings AlpenMusikanten friends, fans and family!

Wow! January flew by!! Obviously, 2015 is starting off with a bang....lots of events going on, so check the Schedule and come on out! We'd love to see you! And yes, we're  working on the recordings!!

We have started our very first Gofundme campaign for our upcoming project. Please click on the Gofundme link below for more info.We thank you for your help and support!

And as always, don't forget to sponsor your favorite Oktoberfest Band by picking up a couple T-shirts and CDs available on our Merchandise page.  (shameless promoters, aren't we?)  We are looking forward to seeing you!   Thank you for being our friends and fans!!