America’s Oktoberfest Band

A M k

AlpenMusikanten, (German for “Alpine Musicians”), can be a tough name to remember, let alone challenging to pronounce. But, once you hear and see them perform, the funny name becomes secondary, and, other terms immediately come to mind…..funny, crazy, spontaneous, unpredictable (Yep), versatile, quirky, multi-talented.….to name a few. As you quickly realize while enjoying the evening, you never know what happens on stage,…..a heavy rock tune after a beautiful slow yodel, a guitar solo played on the back of the guitar players head, an unexpected impromptu joke out of nowhere that gets the crowd into a laughing frenzy, back to a beautIful slow ballad to lead the crowd out on the dance floor. AlpenMusikanten (AMk)will keep you on your toes, and is the ultimate band for any occasion.

Austrian, German, Polish, Czech Polkas and Waltzes, amazing 3-part yodeling, beautiful Ballads, Rock, Country, Big Band, Cajun, sing-a-longs, crowd participation, there is something in their repertoire for anybody, guaranteed!
If you would like to find out more about each individual member of the band, go to “Members
. Then, hear them in person and remember their motto, “The more you drink, the better we sound!”

If you are interested in booking the group, head over to the “Contact” tab, or talk to any of the band members.

And, if you are still looking to expand your Polka merch collection, they’ve got you covered there as well. CD’s and funny, original T-Shirts can be purchased by clicking the “Shop” tab. Or pick up some merch anywhere they perform.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Thank you for being our friends and fans!!” – AMk